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          Buildings & Construction

          NIST develops safety standards for construction and studies ways to better protect buildings from hazards like earthquakes and windstorms.

          Blown Away: Revisiting a Famous Engineering Case

          white office building with a wedge top among other skyscrapers
          Credit: Trxr4kds at English Wikipedia [Public domain]

          One of the undergraduate engineering courses that left a deep and lasting impression on Dat Duthinh was a course on innovation and aesthetics in engineering taught by David Billington at Princeton University. So, when he read the story of a skyscraper in New York City that had to undergo secret emergency repairs because of a question from an engineering student in New Jersey, the NIST engineer knew that the student had to be one of Billington’s. And he knew then that he wanted to come back and investigate this issue in greater detail someday. Read more in his blog post about the infamous Citicorp Building.

          News and Updates

          Industry Impacts

          Building Automation and Control

          Central control of systems such as heating and cooling, lighting and fire detection in large commercial buildings can improve energy efficiency and occupant

          Projects and Programs

          Building Integration with Smart Grid

          New measurement science and industry standards are needed to enable building systems and consumers to interact with a future "smart grid," which supports the



          IFC File Analyzer

          The IFC File Analyzer generates a spreadsheet or CSV files from an IFC file. IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) is the data exchange standard used to facilitate

          Manufacturing Cost Guide

          The Manufacturing Cost Guide is a tool that estimates the costs that US manufacturers face and can be used to help gauge the potential returns on manufacturing

          The NIST Data Alignment Tool

          The Data Alignment Tool (DAT) was built to assist with the analysis of data used in testing fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) tools and building

          SteelVis (aka CIS/2 Viewer)

          SteelVis is a viewer for CIS/2 files and a translator from CIS/2 to IFC files. SteelVis visualizes CIS/2 files by generating a VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling

          Tools and Instruments

          Indoor Air Quality Test House

          In order to enable studies of a range of indoor air quality and ventilation issues, EL maintains a highly instrumented three-bedroom test house. Previous